About expiration date of catalog

Our catalog has an expiration date.

Even the same product may be subject to change in price and specifications by publishing catalog, so please refer to the latest catalog on order.

About notation of catalog

Size φ is the diameter, W is the width, D is the depth, and H is the height.
For handmade goods, the actual size of the notation size and the commodity may differ somewhat.

Catalog display price is taxable reference first generation.
Please understand beforehand that we will apply the new tax rate if the tax rate is changed.

Some items have ordering units, so please be careful when ordering.
Items without order entry notation can be ordered from 1 point.

About the product

Depending on the product, there are cases where it is subject to change or missing parts, specifications, designs etc. Without notice due to various circumstances or improvements · Delayed delivery · Production may be canceled. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
The color tone of the photograph of the catalog item may look slightly different from the actual product.

After the product arrives, please inspect the item as soon as possible, please contact us within 1 week after product arrival for defects / breakage of products due to our responsibility.

Download catalog

You can download the latest catalog PDF file.
Due to the large data capacity of the catalog, it may take time to download depending on your PC environment.
Adobe Reader is necessary to see the PDF file.
If you do not have it, you can download it for free from here.
  Adobe Reader