Our company plans and produces numerous sundries with “music” as their motif. Daily life sundries, stationery, and lesson goods all with originally designed music motifs, so our self-produced products are very popular, throughout a broad range of age groups, as gifts and recital souvenirs. We are continuing creation of attractive products that match the music life of everyone
Company Profile
Company name : YOUKOU HOME
Address :
2-10 Nakamizuno-Cho, Seto-Shi, Aichi-Ken, Japan
TEL :+81-561-48-8845
FAX :+81-561-48-2878
Founding year : 1961
Capital Investment : 10,000,000 jpy
Business : Enterprise contents: planning and sales of interior sundries, mainly in the form of music gift items, as well as planning and sales of products targeted toward premiums and novelties, and planning and sales of OEM products
Business Partner :
・YAMAHA Corporation
・KAWAI Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
・Roland Corporation
・and the other music gift wholesalers